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135 2stroke flooding

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  • 135 2stroke flooding

    I have a 1997 Merc 135 2 stroke that wont restart after being off for around 10 mins (give or take). It appears to be flooded. Engine will spin with no sign of firing. Finally after tilting full up it will fire. (Was heading in using Motor Guide trolling motor and decided to try once more). Engine will restart immediately if turned off and then back on... only a problem if it sits for a while. I took it to a repair shop and they adjusted the Carbs and set the timing but it`s still a problem. The bulb will be tight on the fuel line. I suspect a float is leaking... the ser # is OG 584299 very frustrating

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    If it is flooding then remove and clean carbs, check floats and replace float valves.
    If have a timing light then check each cylinder for fire when engine fails to start back up, clamp timing light to spark plug wire and crank engine over and see if timing light flashes. If do have one or more cylinders not firing then ignition system would need to be tested at time engine fails to run in order to find which ignition component is bad, if engine runs ok then ignition will test ok.
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