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  • idle problem

    I have a 2006 115 four stroke merc outboard. it has an idle problem when its first started it runs at a normal idle rpm. But when u run it for 20 minutes and warm it up, if u pull the throttle back to an idle, it wants to run at 14 to 15 hundred rpm. which makes it really hard to pull out of gear and dangerous.The idle control valve and the pulse generator under the flywheel has been changed. the problem still exists. the engine has 200 hours on it.All cables and movable parts have been oiled religiously Has anyone heard of this problem.Two different mechanics have looked at the problem.

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    Did the mechanics connect it to a computer diagnostic to see if has any active fault codes? some fault codes will cause a high idle. While they have computer on it the idle control valve can be tested.
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