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1972 80HP Thunderbolt No Start

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  • 1972 80HP Thunderbolt No Start

    Have a 72 80hp 2 stroke mercury outboard, trying to figure out why it's not starting. Had an issue with the float on the upper carb being stuck and full of gunk. It was leaking fuel to the outside, but it was sputtering and trying to start. So I removed the carb, cleaned it up, and replaced it. Now it's not leaking fuel, but I no longer have any spark. I can post pictures if it would help, but I'm not sure if it's gonna be the coil that went out or the main switchboard there. Can someone please help me figure out how to check it?

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    No spark could be a faulty ignition switch or stop switch, a faulty stator, trigger, switch box or ignition coil. You would need a peak reading volt meter to test output voltage of stator, trigger and switch box output to see if within specs listed in service manual.
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