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'94 225 EFI losing oil when off

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  • '94 225 EFI losing oil when off

    I have a 1994 225EFI I bought last year. I noticed when I would take it out to the lake it would have the low oil alarm come on, and smoke quite a bit at first but also the oil tank reservoir on the motor's cap was blown and leaking. I replaced it, and the first time out the cap seal was destroyed like maybe the tank was be overpressurized? Anyways, last week I ordered a new seal and the check valve that pressurizes the main oil tank as I read that it is prone to failure. I went camping this weekend and it ran good. The reservoir tank didn't lose any oil and I thought all was good, till I got ready to start it the morning to go home. The engine was hydrolocked, and the bottom left cylinder was full of oil. I pulled the plugs and cranked the engine to dispel the excess oil. Put the dry plugs in and replaced the plug on the cylinder that had been drowned in oil with a good used plug. The engine cranked, fired and died a few times, but then quit trying to fire. Sounded like it just wasn't getting fire anymore. I ended up having to troll back to the boat ramp. I haven't had time to dig back into the firing issue, but does the oiling issue sound like a failed oil pump? I really haven't found much info on this, but I read somewhere that the oil pump is designed to fail open if it fails as excess oil is better than no oil on these engines. Not sure that is true, so hoping some of you experts out there have seen this issue and know what to replace. Thanks.

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    Need to replace oil pump and also replace the tee fitting on oil hose going to engine oil tank, it's a check valve. Once you get the excess oil out of cylinders it should fire as normal.
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      Thanks for the response. I will give that a shot.