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Mercury outboard 25hp 1980 Carb issue

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  • Mercury outboard 25hp 1980 Carb issue

    Hi, I have the mercury outboard, it started spitting gas out of the top of the carb if i pump the bulb up tight, or if i pull the cord to turn it over it will spit gas out spit out of the throat of the carb, i cant get it to start, now, it has fire, I changed the needle valve hoping that could be it, but does same thing, the float seems fine not sticking, I read the only way gas can come out of the carb is if it passing the needle valve is there any other way or is this normal? I attached a picture circling where the gas is coming out,

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    Need to clean carb and fuel lines to make sure no trash is getting under float valve, take a close look at float valve to make sure it's not defective, shake float to see if has gas inside it.
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