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obsolete parts for an 18xd?

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  • obsolete parts for an 18xd?

    If a primer lever is obsolete, and, the only boat salvage place that said they can get them has blown me off for the past 9 months, how insane is the idea of an electric choke?
    went to start the engine, only to have the choke assembly come off in my hand. I figure ok, I can try to put it back together, only to realize that the primer lever (part # 41703) has gone the way of the dodo. my choices are, see if an electric choke is possible, or, recycle the engine.

    before I go and buy parts to discover that it's not going to happen, I figure perhaps I should ask.

    from what I can come up with, Is an 87 18xd.

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    Yes electric choke can be installed, it would require a battery a choke switch and some wiring and electric choke solenoid.
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