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Can anyone name the part in this picture?

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  • Can anyone name the part in this picture?

    40hp 2000 Mercury 2 stroke

    Dropped the lower unit to inspect the impeller and housing gaskets. As I was taking the bolts off the housing I notice this black and orange rubber gasket thing that was dry rotted so I removed it and the metal square piece that was on top of it. I can see from my inspection that I need the whole water pump gasket kit but in the kit I donít see the same orange and black rubber piece? What is that used for and is it important? I believe I already threw it away because of the dry rot. Any help would be appreciated. I also canít see it in the parts catalog either unless Iím just blind. I attached a picture for reference. Itís the orange piece above/under the housing

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    You didn't post a serial number so not sure your exact model bu may be number 2 in this diagram,
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