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2012 mercury 4 stroke tiller 90 hp problem-please help!!

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  • 2012 mercury 4 stroke tiller 90 hp problem-please help!!


    I have a Mercury 90 hp 4 stroke (2012) and have had an issue with it since I bought it used a few years ago. I am at the stage where I am going to start randomly replacing parts until it goes away.

    Here is what happens:

    I have the big tiller handle and full power steering. Every once in a blue moon (2-3 times a season) I will be driving it (1/2 to full throttle) and it will make an audible beep for a second, cut the motor for a millisecond then just keep going like nothing happened. It is enough to lurch you forward almost out of your seat then it just keeps going. What I have noticed that if it is calm and not rough, it doesn't do it. It only seems to do it when it is rough out.

    1) I have taken it to a mercury dealer twice and when they hook up their scanner, no code comes up.
    2) fluids are where they should be and I always use sea foam and premium fuel in the boat so I don't think it is a fuel problem
    3) I checked the battery connections and they are solid. I replaced the starting battery with a optima blue top and the problem still persists.

    Right now I am at the stage that I think that it is something in the big tiller handle-electrical. The person that owned the boat before opted out on the LED light and so there is an opening there that water and dust can get into. I am questioning if there isn't a short or bad connection in the ignition switch and when it is rough, it causes the bad connection.

    What do you guys think? I would take it to the mercury dealer but since so codes show up and it does it so randomly that they would just be guessing at what is wrong. I think I can handle taking the big tiller handle apart and replacing the ignition assembly and checking for corrosion as well. I will be putting in the LED light at that time to close the handle off.

    thanks in advance


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    It may be a loose wire or bad connection, with it running shake or jiggle wires on engine, tiller and battery cables, check wire harness connections, loose wires in connectors or bent pins. Check all grounds for loose connections, corrosion or broken wires. Check fuses and relay's for bad connections or bad components.
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