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7.4/Bravo II "slips" when trying to plane

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  • 7.4/Bravo II "slips" when trying to plane

    Hello forum,

    I've got a 1993 290 Sundancer with a 7.4L/Bravo II. I've listed this problem on other forums and have had good feedback but I like to solicit several opinions to make a good decision with.

    Here is the issue:
    When trying to get up on a plane, the outdrive seems to "slip"......not come out of gear mind you, but it definitely causes the engine to "over-rev" and I have to to throttle back to idle to get the prop to "bite" again. My RPM's seem fine (will run up to 4500) and the old girl is trying to get on top but just when it seems like it will break out....this occurs.
    Items I've checked:
    Trim tabs - all the way down
    Trim - all the way down
    Prop hub - has not slipped (verified with marks and at a prop shop)

    Feedback has been that the coupler from the engine to the input shaft may be bad but I would think that would fail outright. If this is the case, I believe I have to pull the engine to replace it. I just want to be sure this is my last option before taking on this time consuming (and expensive) project.

    Thanks for your comments and help!