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ebbtide I/O impeller

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  • ebbtide I/O impeller

    I took my ebbtide 2300 with merc I/O 350/bravo 3 for an impeller swap, i got it home and tried to flush it but no water came out of the exit ports, i immediately shut it down and returned it to the mechanic. when i initially picked it up he told me he ran it for "an hour" and was sure it was installed correctly. i questioned, "how can you have flushed it"? i tried and it did not rotate water thru the motor. he said that he used a different type of flusher, other than the "ears" and it forces hose pressure water thru the motor. my BS meter is reving bigtime, can someone please tell me if this type of flush kit exists and my biggest worry is if he damaged my engine and what i should do to check it out. Thanks for your time i appreciat

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    Bravo drive do not have a water pump in outdrive they use a sea water pump on engine and depending on boat builder as to where water inlet is. Most boats use a high speed pickup system on keel of boat and need a extendable rubber cup flusher to push water into water intake on bottom of boat. You need to inspect the sea water pump and see where the intake hose connects to.
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