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Mercruiser shifting issue (engine stall)

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  • Mercruiser shifting issue (engine stall)

    I have had a shifting issue (engine stalling while docking) on my 1984 Mercruiser Gen 1 Alpha for quite some time. Ive followed the directions in my service manual & after many times failed to tweak interrupter switch into proper adjustment. I cant seem to get it resolved. Both cables going to the shifter (throttle & shift) have been changed without any success. The cable down to the drive has not been changed but it moves freely. Last season the boat was repowered with a 357 Mercruiser engine and had no effect on the problem. My hope is that someone in forum can provide a solution.

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    Remove the aft shift cable from the shift bracket and measure the "throw". You will need somebody the ensure the gears are fully engaged at the prop. Compare the throw with the distance the pin it attaches to travels. You will note that the pin is mounted in a slot, you can change the travel distance to avoid the linkage from over loading the interrupt cam. The interrupt switch also has a diamention that needs to be set. Low idle speed and or fuel mixture can also cause stalling


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