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Cable Adjustment

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  • Cable Adjustment

    I own a 1989 Force 50hp with a Morse Incom remote control for the shift and throttle cable. Everything was fine until I changed those cables. Now, when I disengage the the gear shift linkage by sliding the gear shift lever out (or to the left), I cannot advance the throttle. By watching the cable movement at the engine I see the problem is the throttle linkage that rests on the idle stop screw will not raise allowing the throttle to be advanced. With the gear shift in neutral and watching the linkage, I squeeze the interlock up and push the gear shift lever into forward, first the gear cable shifts into forward as it should and as I continue advancing the shift lever the throttle cable movement causes the throttle linkage idle screw stop to raise and the throttle can now be advanced. Obviously I have done something wrong but I just can't see what. I have a repair manual but the cable adjustment procedure has not been of any help.
    I can only advance the throttle when it is in gear but not when the transmission is in neutral.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.